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Foxyskin Perfect Ghee Balm

Introducing the most Perfect Lip, Face and Body Balm! 

Looking to lock in moisture with the most perfect and pure skin protecting, nourishing balm? Look no further!

In our Perfect Balm we combine the best Grass-fed Ghee we could find, with ultra pure lanolin for its moisture retaining magic (hello plump skin!) and lightweight feel, a touch of extra virgin olive oil for its naturally high Vitamin E content and the perfect glide and fresh beeswax cappings for it’s natural humectant properties that draw moisture to the skin and provides an occlusive seal to lock it all in! 

We left out the plastic tube because when melted liquid is poured into a plastic tube the plastic leaches chemicals and micro plastics into the product and every time it’s applied to the skin those chemicals enter the bloodstream and accumulate and continuously disrupt hormones. That’s a big NO from Foxyskin by Foxybars! In fact, zero plastic is used in the production of any of our products because we know how important this is to avoid.  


*grass-fed ghee, fresh beeswax cappings, *extra virgin olive oil, ultra purified lanolin 

To Use:

lip balm

face balm: apply to freshly cleansed skin after moisturizing with Foxyskin Whipped Creme Tallow Cream to lock in moisture for super soft and supple skin. Safe around eyes.

body balm: any kind of dry patches or skin irritation, tattoo care, baby bottom balm, nipple balm, cuticles, elbows, heels, blisters, burns, pet paws

No seed oils, fragrances or essential oils 

Biodegradable, plastic free tube applicators

Large Tube: 2.2 oz/ 60 ml

Small Tube: .3 oz/ 8.8 ml