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Foxyskin Baltic Amber Oil

Ingredients: baltic amber resin, squalane oil.

Pure, unprocessed, Natural Baltic Amber Resin, direct from Poland on the Baltic Sea, duel extracted using century old techniques, into 100% pure sugarcane-derived ECOCERT approved Squalane oil.

A one-of-a-kind concoction, the first and only Baltic Amber resin infused into our favorite skin hydrating, weightless, completely PUFA/ seed oil-free, moisturizing oil. 

The ancients said that amber resin had magical powers.  Modern science has proven that the medically active ingredient, succinic acid is in fact beneficial.

Succinic Acid is a multi-purpose therapeutic substance, well know known for its anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties. It’s a very important natural constituent of plant and animal tissues. 

Succinic Acid has the amazing ability to repair the natural flow of energy related processes in cells. When applied to the scalp it increases ATP levels in the hair follicle for a remarkable increases in hair growth. When applied to the skin, it’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are effective at combatting multiple forms of acne, including bacterial, fungal and cystic. It's also a helpful ingredient for those battling inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, given that it can help calm the skin and promote wound healing. While succinic acid alone won’t treat these conditions, it can certainly help alleviate visible symptoms.

Succinic Acid is also a powerful antioxidant that helps fight toxic free radicals and disruptions of the cardiac rhythm. Succinic Acid has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery, bolster the immune system, and help compensate for energy drains in the body and brain, boosting awareness, concentration and reflexes, and reducing stress.  Because we absorb everything we put on our skin into our bloodstream, these benefits can be obtained with topical use. Baltic Amber beads are commonly used for toddlers with teething pain. Stay tuned for a tincture for internal use (coming soon).

Even before mankind knew there was something called Succinic Acid, the people of Europe recognized that amber did remarkable things for their bodies. They believed that it had magical curative powers and we now know why.

To Use: 

Therapeutically: Apply topically, as needed, to soothe aches, pains and cramps of any kind. Apply to mosquito and other insect bites, bumps, bruises and scrapes for relief. Apply lovingly over thyroid gland and to pulse points for a boost in whole body metabolic function.

For Hair Growth: Apply to scalp, before bedtime, where growth is needed most, massage gently. Wash in the morning. 

For Clear, Soft, Supple, Vibrant Skin: Apply to clean, Rosewater dampened skin followed by Foxyskin Whipped Creme. 

External Use Only
Free of essential oils and seed oils/PUFA

Safe for all skin and daily use

1 oz. lead-free frosted amber glass bottle